Sunday, July 29, 2012

Women's Only Sylvania Triathlon

I haven't blogged in awhile about my adventures.  I've been so busy going on adventures and training for them, plus work, that I haven't had much time!  And I really should be in bed, because I have to get in the pool early tomorrow.  I'll try to make this short, but, I tend to write a lot...

So, it was nice to get a sprint distance triathlon in before my first 10k swim and first half ironman.  And, while I'm here living in Sylvania, I might as well take the chance to race the Women's Only Tri.  I'm usually quite calm about these events (well, maybe a little nervous race morning).  In HS I used to bite all my nails off before a swim race.  But for some reason, I felt like I was going to be sick before the race started.  I wanted to do well, but I knew that I hadn't properly tapered for this race, because I was thinking more long term.  Plus, I hate sprint distances, I'd rather go long and settle into a more comfortable pace :)

The swim:  We had to seed ourselves to what we thought we could finish the swim in.  I knew I would swim under 8 minutes, but was super nervous, so decided to enter the water 4th ( I also felt like I was going to puke!).  They let us dive in every 3 seconds.  Once I got in...I knew what to do :)  And I wanted that swim so bad, I just went for it.  I felt so effortless in the water, probably one of my best swims ever.  It was so fluid, almost perfect, I really enjoyed swimming through that quarry.  The only thing wrong there was I couldn't see the last buoy at first, the sun was in my eyes.  Before I knew it, I was running out of the water, and up the crazy staircase, about 37 wide steps or so.  As I was running, I knew I was in first, so I smiled, and then I heard everyone cheering, and I smiled even bigger.  I knew I'd get passed, but just that moment was magical :)

T1:  I was happy with it, 1:11.  A little shaky, had a hard time strapping on my cycling shoe straps.

The Bike:  Well, someone passed me in transition already, lol, their bike must have been close to the end of transition.  I had my bike in the gear I wanted it in, and just rolled out as quickly as possible.  Maintained 20.4mph, not bad, I think I could have done better if my stomach wasn't upset most of the bike leg.  And if I tapered better.  And...we all know...yes yes, I know I need a better bike.  But I'm in grad school and pretty poor, that's why I don't race much either.  I'll get there.

The run:  Well...I'll just say....I probably shouldn't have put in the miles I did this week, and needed to foam roll more...oops.  Ok, I'll say it, my run sucked.  I didn't even feel great running at any point, either.  Ah well, I know it's something I have to constantly work hard at and be careful with!  But I definitely will be well rested before my half ironman.  And I should probably practice more bike-to-runs.......

But, to go from a 1:22:28 to a 1:08...was a cool feeling!

It was also inspiring to see so many women racing.  And how many people from Team Toledo came to volunteer and watch :)  It seemed to me that every woman there pushed it to their limits today.  

"Some may never live, but the crazy never die." Hunter S. Thompson

Yep...I'll blog after again after my 10k swim :)  Which, thanks to a friend who kayaked for me while I swam the course, I am a little less nervous about.  Plus...some people I am friends with back home just ran 100 miles at Burning River...I think I can swim 6.2 miles in around 3 hours.....:)  They are my inspiration.