Tuesday, January 1, 2013


1)  I'm halfway done with my thesis.  That sounds like it's almost over, but totally NOT!  I have to recruit around 20 people between the ages of 60-75 (female), and THAT will be a challenge.  Still, I am determined to get most of it done by May, and get that gradation certificate by August.

2)  Start looking for jobs.  One that will make me happy and I'll enjoy. 

3) I signed up for 2 triathlons so far, a 10k swim again, and I'm currently training for my first 50k ultramarathon that I have NOT signed up for just yet, but will here soon.  Training is going good, with a long long run every OTHER weekend, and a shorter long run in between that.

4)  Finally feel ready to get out into the real world and gain some real experience doing what I love:  Helping people get healthier!  Whether that's teaching, working in a hospital or fitness facility, I'm not sure just yet!  But regardless, all of those sound lovely and secure.

5)  Since October I've been adding in strength training 3x a week, plus NOT, um eating loads of sweets at once (But I still make sure to eat at least one a day to avoid overeating them, however everyone is different on this).  I really think the strength training helped me do that.  I feel like a faster "runner" (jogger...lol), and now I only notice bad form when I get tired.  Still something to work on, but with the weight and inches I've dropped (from strength training and avoiding overeating sweets), I hope to be more competitive this year.  I just feel better, too.

Strength training will NOT make females bulky.  The only way we'll get bulky is if we eat extra calories or take drugs.

Can't believe I ignored strength training for much of my life (really still like cardio more, but don't think I can go without strength training either).  Now, I think I'm addicted to it!  (Only 3x a week though). Plus, being in the health/fitness field, I must practice what I preach.  We really need both.

6)  Still live the life I love-the road less traveled, not particularly caring if I don't do what others my age do for fun, nor anyone else for that matter!

7)  Was chatting with my family the other day...I said, "I don't really like to drink and party much...it just ruins the whole next day, and I don't like sleeping in unfamiliar places" (unless I'm camping, of course) "I get the high out of life from going on adventures."  To which my dad said, "Yep, your're an outdoorsman."  Yep!  :)

8) I'd really like to go on an extreme physical adventure this year, maybe after I get my degree.  I'd like to hike (backpack) part of the AT, maybe just a week, because really I have to start my life!  (Which will always involve at least some mini adventures!  :)  The time I went backpacking in the Smokies for just 4 days, probably the most extreme physical feat I've done yet, stays vivid in my mind, and I want more of it.

9)  Realized I'm in the right place.  About 2 and a half years ago I was in Physical Therapy school, not enjoying it.  Was glad I was given the opportunity for an assistantship in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology, which I enjoy a ton more.  It makes me the happiest.  Even when I'm not studying for school, I'm reading about health and fitness on my own :)  I have read 4 books over my break on the topic. 

10)  The real reason I like to train so much?  See number 7 & 8 :)